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We found 9mm Luger ammo in stock at the following retailers:

$1.74/rd 20 for $34.95 Federal 9mm Luger 124 grain JHP
“Federal 9mm 124 Gr Premium Hydra Shok JHP (20), 91 in Stock”
$1.75/rd 20 for $34.99 9mm Luger 90 grain
“9 mm Luger Underwood Ammo Xtreme Defender 9mm Luger Ammo - 9mm Luger 90gr Xtreme Defense 20/Box (105-003-571)”
$1.95/rd 20 for $38.99 Liberty 9mm Luger 50 grain HP
“Liberty 9mm +P Ammunition Civil Defense LACD09014 50 Grain Lead-Free Fragmenting Hollow Point 20 Rounds - Free Shipping with Buyer's Club!”
$2.18/rd 10 for $21.89 CCI 9mm Luger
“CCI Shotshell 9MM #12 SHOT 10 RDS (3790) FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $300, 146 in Stock”
$2.29/rd 10 for $22.99 CCI 9mm Luger 53 grain
“CCI 9mm 53gr #12 Shotshell Ammo - 10 Rounds”
$3.00/rd 25 for $74.99 Hornady 9mm Luger
“Concealed Carry Purse Bundle Featuring Hornady Critical Defense Lite 9mm Ammo, Allen Company Lockable Concealed Carry Purse, Lucas Gun Oil, and Accessories - Free Shipping with Buyer's Club!”
$3.69/rd 2 for $7.39 9mm Luger
“A-Zoom 17102 StrikerCap 9mm Luger 2 Pkg., 50 in Stock”

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